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How make your Blog like a Pro..!

In recent days Blogging has became one of the most favorite hobby. Some do blogging as their hobby and some do for earning money. And even some people do for growing their business to a next level. Reason may be anything but every famous blog get its popularity on basis of various aspects i.e., Look, Content, Loading speed and much more. All these factors has its own place but when it’s comes to the user interface your blog should look professional from every corner. Today we are going to share some trips to make your more professional. Read carefully and try to implement all these tips in your blog.

1. Improve your writing style

Writing style plays a very big role in your blog. So you have to write confidently and in the mean time you have to imagine yourself as a reader sitting on a chair looking at the screen and reading the post. Your post should look like as a conversation, this will able to drop your footprints in the reader’s mind.

You can notice in this post in I am using the word “you”, this means the article is exclusively written for you. This method will create a conversation effect in the mind of readers. If you publish your posts in this I’m sure your content and writing skill will improve.

2.Your Blog Design

When you visit a well known restaurant, you see the waiters in the restaurant has worn uniforms to impress you. Similarly, the design of your blog should be very professional to make your blog’s impression good.

If your blog’s design is not great and professional. So you do not have a good impression from him.

So to get the tip from the visitors, you have to give your blog a professional look. One thing you care about is the design of your blog for any visitor, its first impression. So make your first impression better than great.

3.Be confident while writing

Confidence matters to your quality of your writing. Reader can easily in identify the quality of your posts on blog. It is very important to write confidently and honestly so the post can make a good impression to the readers.

Confidence will automatically improve your writing skills and your blogging experience too.

4. Choosing the Right Platform

There are a lot of blogging platforms available in the market such as WordPress, Blogspot, Medium, Joomla, etc. But the main question is which will be very efficient for you.

As a beginner I started my blogging in, it is a free service it helped a lot for me.blogspot is also good for as an entry lovel afterall it is provided by google itself which is good for increasing your entries in google search result but I strongly recomend

And when you realize that you have crossed the entry level then you should Buy a domain and a good hosting plan and build your blog with You can buy a domain from ““. It is cheap and very efficient. I’m also using there service and recommended to many of my clients. To buy your domain just click here.

5. Loading Speed

No one wants to wait for along time for his/her query so always make your website load speed faster. The loading speed depends on various factors like Hosting, DNS, Script, Codes, CSS, Widgets, Plugins, etc. I will talk about How to make your website faster in another post. Bu in short always does some research before buying a Hosting plan because it really matters.

6. Create the blog of your Interest

In blogging it is very important to follow your interest. Choose the topic in which you are interested and have enough knowledge in that field. This will enhance your writing quality. I have had an interest in topics like Blogging, Digital marketing, and Tech related stuffs so I chose to write about these topics. Before writing a post ask to yourself “Do you have enough knowledge on this topic?”.

7. Become an Authority blogger

Your blog should be your identity and authority.  Now the only question that arises in us is how to become an authority blogger. Follow these steps to transform yourself into an authority blogger.

To become an Authority Blogger, you should take advantage of social media. For this, you have to make your identity as an authorized person on social media. Update all your social media profiles with your details. Every single social media account should show your blog and your personality. Add the same profile images to each social account (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Gravatar, etc …) So that people can easily recognize you on any of them

Always try to give opinions on social media on every hot and trending topics. Each opinion should be valuable to them. Show yourself as a pro-level blogger.

8. Always give credit to their works

A very common mistake amateur bloggers do that is not giving credits of the extra things they include in their posts like images, quotation lines, videos, etc. If you also do this, it means that you need to bring it inside yourself. If a person is doing better than you, then you should give credit to that person and that person should never be jealous.

Every person in this world is better than anyone or any person. You should see the work of the people and if you feel that this person is doing a great job then you should praise him and share his content too.

This habit will increase your self-confidence and you will also get professional respect.

9. Build Networks with other bloggers

All successful bloggers prefer to show their brands more than their name. But you should make at least one corner for the yourself-the author. Make an author box so that when someone visits your blog the can connect with you also.

Give yourself some time to read other’s blog and always try to give feed backs. It will make your existence in the blogger’s community.

10. Try to make Business Network

To become a pro blogger, building a strong network with visitors is very important. In the right words, it is a very important thing.

You get more respect when you have a great network. Which makes your Confidence even more. A business network plays a very important role in growing your business. Connect with your subscribers via emails

You can use social media to create these networks. Social media is one of the best tools for this job. It is, therefore, necessary that you give some time in your time to make a great connection. Do not make connections with people only for their own benefit but instead try to solve their problem.

11. Select Brand Topic

If you want high traffic on your website you have to increase the number of topics. Such as if you want to make a blog related to Cricket then you should your blog related to Sports. Keep your scope bigger than big so that you have more options to write. Keep in mind also that your blog is of interest to masses. That is, there are crores of people who want to read such things, only then can create a high traffic blog.

12. Your blog should give Service

Remember if you have started blogging for earning money then you will get demotivated quickly. The purpose of your blog should serve the people. Readers read the blog for gaining knowledge, for solving their problems, or for research purposes. Whatever will be the purpose people wants the best service.

If you focus in your service, your blog will automatically get noticed. And hence traffic will also improve.

13. Link other related posts in a post

Whenever you are writing an article and if you are telling something about it in which you have written something before, then give it a hyperlink.

This will help you: Become Successful Blogger in 2018 (Infographics)

For example, I have mentioned about the inspirational speech of Steve Jobs in some of my posts, so I hyperlink their name so that if the reader wants to read more about them, then click on their name to reach that post.

14. Post Valuable Contents

I had already thought that I have to create value, which is to make something that is beneficial for people who can really help them. I have always put a lot of emphasis on the QUALITY of Article. Never post just for posting even though there is some gap in your two posts but do not compromise with quality.

And remember that regardless of the topic you blog, travel blog, finance-related blog, music blog, etc value can be created. You have to treat your readers as a KING and they can give as good one as possible to read them.

Perhaps you are funny but occasionally when I write an article, I think in my mind that this article will be read by INDIA’s Prime Minster, and automatically my quality improves. Keep in mind that millions of people will read your articles and they should not be time-free.

15. Understand how people search on Google

Most of the traffic comes from Google, after all Google is the most famous and most used search engine in the world. When I write any blog post, I try to include keywords that people can use to search such articles. For example: When someone wants to read tips related to blogging, he will generally search for “Blogging Tips”, and that’s why I keep quoting titles related to quotas as “keyword”. Apart from this, using keywords in the post also allows you to come up in search results.

16. Make blog layout Attractive and Professional

When a visitor comes to your blog, he should feel well. When I started the blog, one mistake was made that the background was black and the text was white which was attractive in view but there was a slight strain on the eyes, so later I changed it. Black text and white background are the most used, so if there is any confusion, then do this for them. Posting using one-half image inside the blog posts looks a bit attractive, besides you can use any other color for headings rather than keeping all text black.

17. Try to run One blog at a time

I have noticed that many people make 3-4 blogs together, if you want to create a highly popular blog then it is not okay to do this because your energy and focus divide 3-4 and you can get a blog You can not even judge with it. It would be better to be fully committed to one blog and work.

If you have confusion on which blog to work on, then take a little introspection and try to answer the following questions:

  1.  Which blog is my genuine interest, which I can sustain for a long time?
  2.  Which blog can I help more and more people? Or which blog really needs people?

If you create a popular blog then you can easily create more blogs and by using your popular blog’s traffic, you can also make use popular too so before making a blog fully dedicated, make it big.

I hope these tips will help you in making a great professional blog. If you have any query or idea please share with us in the comment box.

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