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Get highlighted by implementing our innovative and competitive marketing strategies.

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Web Designing


Maintaining the elegancy, simplicity with the blend of trending color schemes we design the most lightweight and functional websites that fits in your budget

Web Development


We develop mobile friendly responsive websites. We take it as a a challenge to make your website most stable, functional & interactive.



We promise to give the position of your business at the first page of Google's search result. Penguin and Panda friendly SEO works. 100% manual work.

Premium Media Placement


We provide Press release, Article writing, publishing, guest blogging, media relations in top high authority domains to increase traffic & authority

PPC & AdWords


We reduce ad costs and increase conversions with our fully managed PPC campaigns. Drive optimized and targeted traffic to your site with PPC advertising.

Social Media Marketing


We reduce ad costs and increase conversions with our fully managed PPC campaigns. Drive optimized and targeted traffic to your site with PPC advertising.

Helping small and medium startups to grow their brands on digital platforms at greater extent. Driving online traffic to your business

from targeted audiences.

Blue Header delivers inspired, intelligent and effective works for your brand. We design websites that are visually appealing, stunning and encourage action. We create websites with the intent to convert. We’ve worked with a wide range of businesses – this means we’ve probably got insight into what your customers want to see.

If you are not easily found on the search engine, how sure your professional website will reach to potential customers? The only way is to implement SEO into your website to rank higher in Google search result. Blue Header has the best SEO Experts to take care of this. Blue Header implement latest tactics and strategies for SEO which takes your website to the top of the search result page of any search engine. Our Digital Marketing Experts not just focus on Google but also on different search engines like Bing, DuckDuckgo.com, Yandex, Yahoo and many more.


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For brand growth in 2020, you need search engine optimization (SEO). This is probably because social media’s capacity to drive visitors from different corners of the world reduced, and Google became one of the major sources of referral traffic. By using SEO, you can see your website in the foremost pages of Google and other search engines. Now while some entrepreneurs seek professional assistance, if you wish to carry out everything on your own, make sure to avoid the below-mentioned deadly mistakes. Unsatisfied Search Intent According to the experts offering ...
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"Coding is Poetry", and some developers take this line too seriously. That is why the can make masterpieces by coding for a website. Background is one of the most important part of them. You can't imagine how beautiful innovative designs and animation a developer can make. This only require mostly HTML and CSS, sometimes JavaScript too. From a simple gradient to a complex parallax effect, everything can be done with these three languages. Here we're going to show you 12 selected best Animated CSS Backgrounds. You can apply on your ...
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In today’s digital world, websites play a prominent role in growing business. Whether it is local national or global, websites are the best way to give information about your products and services. Any business, be it emerging or established, needs a fully functional and optimized website. It helps the business owner in taking the trade to the next level. And when it comes to a good website, it needs good designing. In this new era, web designing trends are changing day-by-day. We can’t rely on backdated designs or methods for ...
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Paid SEO software
There are millions of pages, images, keywords, and websites. And this number is increasing every second. Hence it became so time-consuming and confusing to manage your contents. Or even, doing research for your contents. By using an SEO software, you can increase your efficiency and productivity. It will also reduce the errors involved in managing organic search campaigns. Here are some advantages of using SEO software. We hope this will clear your doubts. More efficient management of global operations Enterprise SEO tools have built-in diagnostics that can be invaluable on ...
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Important Tips to Keep in mind during designing a website
Now it is very easy to reach millions of customers within a very short period. All this happened just because of the internet era. The foremost thing to take your business online is to have a fully-fledged website of your business. That should contain all the necessary information about your business. The website will act as the representative of your business that will attract the customers directly to your business and services. But having a website is not the only factor. Your website should have some necessary features and functions ...
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Being a web designer is not to sit in front of a PC and start coding. It is much more than coding. Web Designer and web development are two different things. A web designer needs to have more knowledge about colours and designs, whereas a web developer needs to gain knowledge about the functionality of a website. So, I hope you have understood the simple difference between these two things. Now, here I am gonna tell you about some must-have qualities that need to be a professional web designer. Understandings ...
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